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About us

We are in business ever since 1978, constantly gaining experience in creating impeccable grooming suits. By using the very best European fabrics, in order to provide you with a product that will satisfy, on the most important circumstances of your life. Our Groom collection also includes products from world-class manufacturers such as: BOSS, GUY LAROCHE, RAFFAELLO dal 1998, VERSACE, ASLANIS, PIERRE CARDIN, MANO DI SARTO, ANGEL’S MEN, CRISTIANO MARETTI, assorted by the most prestigious accessories. Add to the above our walking suits from houses like GRUPPO BIZZARRO, MASSIMO, BOSTON, as well as the Casual series of the Monte Napoleone house.

You will find out that our greatest advantage lies in our ability to adapt to your very specifc needs. Please visit our new store, where we can work together on creating the best suit for you.


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